Physical ways to help your mental health going into the New YearGoing into the New Year, many people make their physical health one of top priorities. But for people suffering from mental illness, staying active can be extremely difficult. When dealing with mental illness such as depression and anxiety, exercising and doing things that are good for your physical health can be extremely taxing. However, studies show that physical health and mental health are directly linked. With a decline of one, there is a decline of the other. Regular exercise and a balanced diet is shown to reduce the symptoms of both depression and anxiety. Just as we as a society know how important 60 minutes of physical activity a day can help in the growth and development of children, we as adults also have to remember that maintaining healthy physical habits can directly impact the health of our brains. There are multiple ways that phsyical health can help better mental health issues.

  1. Exercise– going for a simple walk or doing a quick yoga workout in your living room has been proven to increase endorphins that are proven to reduce depression and anxiety symptoms
  2. Create a healthy sleep schedule– having a poor sleep schedule has been shown to increase mental health issues and eventually lead to sleep disorders. Sleep helps maintains cognitive skills and maintains the ability to regulate the emotions and stressors of everyday life.
  3. Self-care– doing things that make you happy on a regular basis and help you both motivate you for the day, as well as help you relax. Self-care does not just have to be spa days, or netflix marathons, it can include setting boundaries or going to therapy. Anything that helps your physical body relax, can help relax your mind as well.
  4. A healthy diet– A well rounded diet can directly affect the way your brain and body work. 95% of serotonin comes from the gastrointestinal tract, meaning what you eat can directly affect your emotions. Cutting out processed foods and sugars has been proven to not only reduce bloating and inflammation but increase productivity of serotonin and other neurotransmitters.

If you or a loved one need help with your mental health, Eastside TMS and Wellness is here for you. Our team of providers and technicians are here to help educate and treat those who are struggling with mental illness. Going into the New Year, put yourself first and get the help you need to maintain the best version of you!