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My experience at Eastside TMS and Wellness has been nothing short of lifesaving. When I contacted them about treatment for major depression, I was struggling every day just to function and felt hopeless. Coming out of treatment, I feel like I have agency and hope for my future again, and I'm getting my life back on the right track.

Intake was effortless--their staff contacted my insurance provider on my behalf to determine coverage, something that would have been otherwise overwhelming for me at the time.

They took all the work out of scheduling appointments, gave me a clear, printed schedule upfront based...
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S. B.

Everyone has been wonderful, and I'm sad to say goodbye. Lily is always very welcoming and made scheduling effortless. Debbie, Celeste and Alexa were very attentive to my comfort and the quality of my treatment, and I really enjoyed talking to them though it each day. The quality of care overall was excellent and have zero complaints.

S. B.

In the beginning treatment was a bit rough and I had a lot going on so I took a break and came back. The staff was really kind and wanted me to get better. The schedule can take up a lot of time but it is worth it. Everyone should care about themselves enough to seek help. The staff are great cheerleaders and very friendly! They care about your progress. I suggest anyone who suffers from anxiety and depression to try it.

L. D.

Eastside TMS is very Convenient, clean and professional. Everyone there is so welcoming and able to effectively answer any questions you may have. The treatment is simple and quick and you always leave there feeling better than you came. I suggest everyone suffering depression, that hasn’t receive results through medication give Tms a try at Eastside TMS.

A. B.

I went into this super nervous and more skeptical than probably most given my long history with anxiety and depression. However I made a decision to at least get a consultation and I am very thankful I did.

While I haven’t completed the full treatment program yet I and my loved ones have started to notice a difference which has been refreshing.

The science behind this is interesting but honestly it is the amazingly supportive providers and staff here that made such a difference in my treatment. They are with you every step of the way and no question is a stupid...
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A. M.

The team at Eastside TMS & Wellness has had a profoundly positive impact on my life. They are dedicated, professional, kind and incredibly invested in their patients. They have the most up to date equipment and are incredibly knowledgeable about the treatments. If you are considering rTMS, I would wholeheartedly recommend this practice.

D. S.

Staff was very friendly and responsive. If I was ever uncomfortable with my treatment, I could easily explain to them my problems and they will help me. Only complaint would be that the schedule takes time out of my work day but that's not too bad. Overall great experience.

R. E.

The staff and techs are all amazing and so kind. They listen and if wanted, give advice or validate you. They are super accommodating with working with you. They understand mental health and difficult situations.

M. C.

Overall very good experience! Thank you for everything!

Z. R.

The staff are very helpful and friendly. They helped me get through my treatment comfortably. I'm very optimistic with my mental health to continually improve after receiving my treatment. I'm very grateful for all the support

E. P.

Everyone at Eastside TMS was incredibly helpful. They showed compassion when I had a "dip" in my mood (symptoms) towards the end of my treatment. and get an additional appointment with Prisca. I felt like a client, not just a patient

N. P.

Honestly no words I feel can completely express the extremely positive results and extremely positive experience I've had here. I feel amazing physically and emotionally. I feel so supported by the staff, their weekly check ins, providing treatment with such care and professionalism.

S. H.

From my intake appointment through the end, I felt safe and supported. The entire team has been wonderful. Definitely recommend.

M. N.

The best parts of the treatment were the people (Debbie and Celeste) and the results!

C. P.

The staff at Eastside TMS has been phenomenal. They have advocated on my behalf when my insurance was being incredibly uncooperative in terms of allowing me to use benefits that covered TMS treatment. Lily and Celeste, Prisca (MN, ANRP, PMHNP) are the main folks I've interacted with but they have all been respectful, kind, and compassionate.

N. P.

My experience here was nothing short of amazing. The whole team makes you feel welcomed and comfortable from day one and every visit quickly turns into a hangout session with fun people. The treatment itself is something I quickly got used to and comfortable with after the first two visits and was completely painless and the team was quick to react if you were uncomfortable!

L. A.

All of the technicians are so nice and friendly. They respect whether you want to ramble and talk or just put in headphones. Honestly the nice bunch of people ever. They are super easy to schedule and work with. 100/10 Subertacular people!

K. C.

Was nervous at first but as soon as I walked in I felt at home. Lily, Celeste, and Debby go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable. The treatment itself has changed my life for the better. Highly recommend!

E. A.
5 star rating

Incredible experience, incredibly successful, and I'm just halfway through my treatment. I'm so grateful to be able to receive my TMS treatment, am in awe of how amazing I feel already. My experience has honestly felt like a spa experience, not going to lie. The treatment starts with simply being properly positioned in the treatment chair, which is incredibly comfortable. The TMS coil is placed against the left side of your head, which once again, is a very comfortable experience. The treatment starts with the magnetic pulses being administered, which essentially come from the coil, once again a very comfortable... read more

S. A.
5 star rating

The team at Eastside TMS & Wellness is excellent. Everyone I worked with was incredibly kind and professional. I was impressed by how passionate the staff is about the treatment and related technology. Everything is designed to give patients the best chance for success - I really felt well cared for and that I could trust the team with my care.
The office is clean and comfortable too - your comfort is always the number one concern. I would not hesitate to recommend Eastside TMS & Wellness to anyone considering this treatment. I will actually miss seeing the staff everyday...
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D. S.

The staff are incredibly incredibly friendly, and the treatments are quick and easy! I would definitely recommend Eastside TMS and Wellness Center for someone looking to try TMS

C. P.

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