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Coronavirus pushed our society into mass quarantines, lockdowns, and social distancing measures. With this physical separation increased between people, even within their own families, feelings of isolation and loneliness have become more common.

Despite this change in our physical and social isolation, there are still ways to cultivate emotional intimacy with others and within ourselves. Learning to process feelings of loneliness, cultivate community, and connect with an inner sense of connection are essential skills in coping with isolation. Read more below to discover the impacts of isolation and how you can begin to heal from loneliness in your own life.

The Mental & Emotional Impact of Isolation

Although physical and social isolation is an effective way to prevent the spread of disease, the mental and emotional impacts of this practice cannot be ignored. Extreme or prolonged isolation has been shown to increase depression and anxiety, decrease cognitive ability, and reduce social development. Despite these risks, there are still protective measures you can take to improve mental health.


The Importance of Community

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A key factor in protecting from the impacts of isolation on mental health is cultivating community and connection with others. Reaching out to others, whether it is virtual or in person, is a wonderful way to decrease feelings of loneliness. Social media groups, forums, and online communities can be a safe haven for people who are not able to meet with others physically.

Connecting over Skype, Zoom, text, email, or call can be a small but effective way to begin the process of creating community with others and healing feelings of loneliness. Some other effective ways of meeting others are by joining a class or club, volunteering locally, adopting a pet, or calling an old friend.


How To Find Inner Connection

At times, people can feel lonely whether they are with people or not, and it is important to address your inner world and connect with yourself to heal these unmet needs. Tying to avoid or suppress feelings of loneliness is not the answer. Rather, it is better to feel and understand where these emotions are coming from and what might be lying underneath them.

By learning to sit with your emotions with compassion and not with judgment, you can create a deeper connection with your inner self and heal the core wound of this issue. Social connection is a basic human need, and there is nothing wrong with you for feeling lonely.

When you can understand these emotions and learn to sit with them from a place of love and compassion, you can connect to your inner source and form the most important connection in your life: the connection with yourself.


We Are Here To Help

By implementing some of the above lifestyle changes, you may begin to see a drastic difference in your life. Feelings of loneliness and sadness are completely normal, but when you begin to feel like these emotions are too much to manage, we are here for you.

Depression doesn’t need to be lifelong; there are ways to heal and move through difficulties in your life with ease. When depression begins to interfere with your life, Eastside TMS may be your answer. Contact us to begin taking steps to feel happier and healthier today!

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