Costs and Payments for TMS Treatment

Hello i’m whitney bishop and i’m the tms coordinator at eastside tms and wellness center in renton washington probably one of the top questions i get asked when potential patients call in to initially inquire about tms therapy is about the cost and payment of treatment for tms near me is their insurance going to cover it at what percentage is the treatment covered by their insurance if they don’t have insurance what is going to be the overall cost eastside tms and wellness center is a network with most major insurance companies your insurance coverage will be based on your specific plan some insurance are going to cover it at 100 other plans you might have a daily co-pay when you come in for each treatment and then other insurance plans you might have a deductible that you have to meet for your plan or a co-insurance so for example your insurance would cover 80 or 90 percent of the treatment and you’re responsible for the 10 to 20 percent of the cost of the treatment for each person that inquires we offer to submit a benefit investigation for you and that’s where we’re going to get in touch with your insurance company on your behalf and ask them specifically what is the coverage for you based on your plan for tms therapy we go over all of that information with you ahead of time before you come in for your first treatment session so there is no large surprise is your insurance going to cover this or not we try to be as transparent as possible as to what your responsibility is going to be for tms therapy now if you have an insurance company maybe that doesn’t cover tms based on your plan or we’re not network with your insurance company or if you don’t have insurance we do offer self-pay rates as well our clinic does do very flexible payment plans for tms therapy if you’re doing things like self-pay or if you have a large deductible or if even something like a co-pay could be a financial burden because it is a daily treatment we do work with patients to make sure that the cost of treatment is not the reason they’re not getting treatment our first priority is always a patient’s well-being and helping them on their journey to wellness if you have any questions in regards to cost of treatment or tms therapy in general please give us a call at 425-919-6820 and don’t forget to share this video and give it a big thumbs up thanks so much.