Covid 19 Response Video

Hello my name is whitney bishop and i’m the tms coordinator here at eastside tms and wellness center in renton washington as with most businesses we’ve had to adapt our operations to ensure the safety of our patients staff and make sure that we’re complying with the cdc guidelines as well as washington state guidelines for covid19 all of our staff is ppe certified we have posted visual alerts on our door to notify patients of any potential symptoms that would disqualify them from entering our office we require that everyone wears a mask both patients and staff as well as do daily temperature checks hand sanitizer and masks are provided for patients and staff staff wears gloves during treatments and all of our equipment is fully sanitized between treatments we follow social distancing guidelines when applicable and limit the number of people allowed in our office at any given time we require any patients who are ill or experiencing any symptoms that could be related to covid19 to stay at home and go get tested we are committed to providing you the best possible service in a safe environment we’re here for you during this trying time and if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at 425-919-6826 we look forward to hearing from you.