Insurance Process for TMS

Hello from east side tms and wellness center in renton washington i’m whitney bishop and i’m the tms coordinator today i want to talk to you about insurance we know that trying to coordinate with insurance companies and find out what your benefits are and then also try to get pre-approval or authorization for a new treatment can be a really daunting task and we take care of all of it for you so first step when you contact our clinic is we will submit a benefit investigation for you that’s where we’ll contact your insurance company and ask them specifically for tms therapy what is your coverage based on your insurance plan with them once we receive that information we’ll go over all of it with you and you can make a decision based on what your coverage is the next step with insurance companies is getting pre-authorizations once you do an evaluation with our provider we’ll have all the information we need to submit for pre-authorization with your insurance company so again you don’t need to do anything we’ll take care of all the paperwork for you once all of that is done all you have to do is come in for treatment we are in network with most major insurance companies and if you aren’t sure please feel free to give us a call 425-919-6826.