Scheduling for TMS Therapy at Eastside TMS and Wellness Center

Hello i’m whitney bishop the tms coordinator here at eastside tms and wellness center in renton washington today i want to go over scheduling for tms therapy the first appointment that you’re going to schedule for is for an evaluation with our provider during this appointment you’re going to go over your past medical history any pastor current medications that you might be taking and also past or current therapies or other treatments that you’ve done during this appointment the provider will be able to confirm if you are indeed a good candidate to receive tms therapy if everything is a go-ahead from that appointment we’ll go ahead and schedule your mapping session the mapping session is where we locate the treatment site and strength for your tms therapy and we also do the first treatment session during that appointment as well that appointment is going to be roughly 90 minutes long and after that appointment we will schedule your daily treatment sessions the treatment sessions are 30 minutes and that includes the amount of time it takes us to get you set up in the chair and your treatment time our clinic is open from 6 am to 6 pm to help accommodate working schedules things like that and the treatment is done daily monday through friday after your daily treatment sessions we’re going to schedule you anywhere from two to six taper sessions for the taper sessions you’re going to come in not every day usually you have a day in between your treatment so you’d come in on like a monday wednesday friday or tuesday thursday during those sessions so all together tms treatment is roughly six to eight weeks long we do offer flexible scheduling for our patients we understand this is a longer treatment and you might have an event that you have to attend to and you can’t come in on a certain day you just let us know and discuss it with the coordinator and we’ll schedule you appropriately for your treatment working around your schedule if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at if you found the 425-919-6826 helpful thanks so much.