TMS Treatment System Explained

Have you ever been curious about what a tms system looks and feels like hi my name is prisca nwizugbo i’m a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner i help people who still feel depressed despite taking medication get their lives back i would like to introduce you to the tms system that we use to treat patients with depression as you can see it is a very comfortable non-intimidating system the patient reclines in the chair and is able to carry out compensation during the entire treatment this is the magnetic coil where the treatment pulses are emitted you can see that it’s curved to fit the shape of the head and it simply rests on the frontal area of the patient’s head while the pulses are emitted it just sounds like an mri in a sense that you hear a clicking sound of the pulses patients have described it like a sensation of a woodpecker tapping on your head if there’s any discomfort most patients get over it within a short period of time the tms system has made it such that we are able to get depression under control in a full in a very relaxed environment while patients are fully awake if this sounds like a treatment that may be helpful to you contact us at eastside we offer free consultation and are excited to help you on your journey out of depression.