Ways to Relax During TMS Treatment Sessions

Hello my name is whitney bishop and i’m the tms coordinator here at eastside tms and wellness center in renton washington today i’d like to talk to you about a couple different things you could do to make your tms treatment a little bit more comfortable before coming in for treatment i always advise patients to make sure to wear comfortable clothing and make sure that you are well hydrated for treatment once you’re here and you’re set up in the chair and ready to go there’s also a couple of things that’ll help you pass the time and make yourself a little bit more comfortable most treatment sessions are anywhere from 18 to 22 minutes long the most common thing that patients like to do is just to sit and chit chat with the tech who’s administering the treatment you can talk about your day about your treatment really anything to pass the time some patients come in and they prefer to just have that time as a quiet time so they’ll sit with their eyes closed some patients like to do meditation activities or breathing exercise during their treatment times we also have people who like to listen to lectures podcasts audiobooks or music during their treatment time which is another good option to help you relax and pass the time i’ve even had patients come in with ipads and they’ll prop it up an appropriate distance from the coil and then watch a tv show or a movie during their treatment time and they find that helps the treatments go by very quickly at eastside tms we really strive to make our patients as comfortable as possible when they come in for their treatment sessions so if there’s ever something that you think would help you relax make sure to tell your tech and they’ll let you know if we’re able to accommodate that request or not if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call 425-919-6826 thanks so much.