What will my TMS treatment be like?

Hi everyone my name is whitney bishop and i’m the tms coordinator here at east side tms and wellness center in renton washington i’m excited to talk to you today about tms transcranial magnetic stimulation for patients with depression having administered over 1200 treatments i’ve seen firsthand how beneficial and transformative tms therapy can be for patients when first starting treatment patients often find simple tasks and functioning fully in their daily life to be difficult and then as they’re progressing in their treatment it’s amazing to see the dramatic differences patients are finding it’s easier to approach tasks or challenges in their daily life they’re finding joy in life and getting their lives back on track they describe it as like a dark cloud lifting from them we even have partners of patients come into the clinic and tell us what a difference it’s made for their partner but also for them at home we’ve just recently had a wife come in and said it was like getting her husband back after 15 years and the results were just amazing transcranial magnetic stimulation is a beneficial non-invasive life-changing treatment for patients and at eastside tms and wellness center we try to make treatment as stress free and comfortable as possible we take care of all the paperwork for our patients that includes benefit investigations prior authorizations from insurance and of course we’re happy to answer any questions that patients might have about tms or the process of treatments or even if they have questions about insurance coverage and things of that nature once patients are in the clinic we provide a very comfortable relaxing treatment room to make sure that their daily treatments go smoothly and as comfortably as possible and we also offer free consultations and if you’d like more information please visit our website at eastsidetmswellness.com thanks so much for listening hope to hear from you soon.