When will I notice a difference in my depression?

Hello i’m whitney bishop i’m the tms coordinator at east side tms and wellness center in renton washington patients are often curious about when is this treatment going to start working for me when am i going to notice a difference and the answer is it varies per person some patients notice a difference after the first week of treatment some patients it’s more the midpoint of treatment and then some patients it’s closer to the end on average most patients report a gradual improvement throughout the course of treatment it might start with something really small where they notice oh today i was able to get everything on my list to do done and i accomplished all of that or it’s getting a little bit easier for them to get through their work day getting a little bit easier for them to just do daily tasks or deal with small challenges in their day i had one patient she came to our office and she said oh i just realized i had a conversation in the elevator on the way up here today i would never have done that before she said you know i would do everything to avoid those type of situations where i had to make small talk with strangers because it’s just really draining for me usually because i would have rather walked up all the stairs to get to her office than get in the elevator with another person she goes but today i was in the elevator and they got in after me and i immediately just said hi how are you how’s your day going and we had a little bit of chit chat and i got off the elevator she was like i just never would have done that before so just small changes like that and then they start to notice bigger changes and near the end of treatment they’re able to deal with a lot of things or they’re no longer experiencing their depressive episodes anymore they can go about their day get everything done they don’t have any of the signs of depression some patients near the end of their treatment they’ve had things come up some challenges in their life whether it be a significant other getting sick a death in the family a major move all of these things tend to be very emotional and stressful events in a person’s life and patients have reported that they were able to deal with all of those things a lot better because of tms they were able to take care of what they had to take care of in those events and be there for their families or friends because they had tms and they were seeing a huge improvement in their depression so again it’s on average you’re going to see gradual increase but it does vary per patient if you’d like more information on tms therapy please give us a call 425-919-6826 don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up and share it if you found the information helpful thanks so much.